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Support and Therapeutic Services

The Nyland Therapy Centre exists in order to help meet the needs of the whole child. The importance of an Emotional Quotient is acknowledged and valued here. The Centre is a place where pupils like to come because they feel safe and understood. It is a space where they can express themselves and know that they will be heard and listened to. It is a busy place where pupils have the space to express themselves in ways the best suit them. The pupils love coming to the centre and have good relationships with the therapists. Our therapies include drama therapy, play therapy, art therapy, counselling and occupational therapy.
All our therapists are well qualified and experienced in their fields and all have had previous teaching experience or time working with children. They are dedicated to helping pupils and work systemically with parents, carers, families and staff who are involved with the children. They communicate with teachers, contribute to external and internal agency meetings and give feedback within the boundaries of their professional obligations in order to create a ‘joined up service’. The Centre is a warm, calm and caring environment that feels welcoming and where pupils are always happy to attend therapy.

To contact Support and Therapeutic Services, please call 01793 535023

Vicki Easten, Occupational Therapist
“Occupational Therapy takes a whole-person approach to mental and physical health and well being, enabling the achievement of full potential. OT provides practical support to facilitate recovery and overcome barriers preventing the performance of activities that matter.”

Martha Evans, Art Therapist
“Art Therapy can beneficial for children who struggle to express themselves verbally, by facilitating creative self-expression with art imagery. Art Therapy can aid personal growth, self-awareness, increase self-esteem and improve communication and relationships.”

Beth Sherlock, Drama Therapist
“Dramatherapy is a method of working and playing that uses action methods to facilitate learning, insight, creativity, imagination and growth. It helps children understand their thoughts and emotions using creative approaches such as drama games, improvisation, story making, role play, puppets, masks, movement and mime.”

Julie Lender-Swain, Play and Creative Arts Therapist

“Play therapy is a type of non-verbal counseling that helps children understand confusing feelings and make sense of stressful life events. Play itself, is crucial to a child’s learning and development and is the natural way that children communicate. Play therapy, therefore, is effective, as it allows children to ‘play out’, in a safe and non-judgmental way, issues that they may find difficult to put into words.”

Anne Oysten is an experienced child and adult counsellor working with the Outreach Team to offer therapeutic support and help to the adults who support the children in our schools. Anne works with pupil’s parents, teachers and staff, in different ways and she is able to offer some practical emotional support to enable those people in their role of helping our children, which hopefully will directly benefit them and therefore the young people in their care.
Anne Oysten, Counsellor

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