At the heart of Nyland School is an aspiration that every day is a fresh start for the children. What happened the previous day, week, month or year does not distract from our daily warm welcome as they step into the classroom.

We strike a good balance between academic rigour and the PSHE and enrichment curriculum that is so important to the children in our care.

We maintain high expectations for learning just like any other mainstream school. We follow the National Curriculum and there is a high level of accountability of teachers to ensure that they deliver quality first teaching that produces a good education for your child.

We have a good understanding of the children’s learning, emotional, social and behaviour needs and personalise the provision accordingly. There is an emphasis on personal, social and health education and positive behaviour management. We are continuously reflecting on our professional practice to ensure that we are always meeting the needs of the children

It is an aspiration of all the staff at Nyland School that the children might one day return to mainstream education so that they are living and learning with the peers in their local community.

Being a part of The White Horse Federation enables Nyland School to keep a valuable link with local schools, work collaboratively with our TWHF colleagues to ensure high standards of teaching and learning, and provide a range of mainstream experiences for the schools children throughout the year.

There are 6 classes at Nyland School plus the PRU which together can accommodate up to 42 children with a highly qualified and experienced team which provide each and every child the best possible learning environment.


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