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The Nyland Therapy Centre exists in order to help and support the school in meeting the needs of the whole child. The importance of an emotional quotient is also acknowledged and valued here. The Centre is a place where pupils like to come as they feel safe and understood.

It is a space where they can express their more vulnerable selves knowing that they will be heard and listened to in a ‘safe space’. The Centre is a busy place where pupils have the space to express themselves in ways that best suit them. The pupils love coming to the centre and have a good relationships with the therapists. Our emotional therapies include drama therapy, play therapy, art therapy, and counselling, while we also trade with the local authority in order to offer occupational therapy too.

All our therapists are well qualified, experienced in their fields, and have had previous teaching experience or time working with children prior to their current roles. They are dedicated to helping pupils and work systemically with parents, carers, families, and staff who are involved with the children.

They communicate with teachers, contribute to external and internal agency meetings, and give feedback within the boundaries of their professional obligations in order to create a ‘joined-up service’.

Therapy is accessed by pupils in the school or PRU according to need and the capacity of the centre.

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