At Nyland Campus we aim to build an ethos of emotional awareness and understanding, known as emotional quotient, before intellectual quotient, in order to promote relevant and sustained development of the ‘whole child’. This facilitates the outcome of nurturing valued and productive members of communities and society.

This is underpinned by creating an environment that promotes a feeling of belonging, of being connected to others and of ‘relatedness’. Staff build and model secure, healthy relationships that pupils can learn from and recreate in their lives after and beyond school. On this foundation, pupils can build their learning.

Both our academic and emotional curriculum are designed to support motivation, engagement and thinking in order to promote learning and progress.


We use a curriculum that is directly designed to meet both emotional and academic needs. It is built upon the foundations of Emotional quotient and then incorporates our school values, learning skills and British values.

A core curriculum has been developed for use in English, maths and science. It takes into account the understanding that the majority of our pupils have had a period of time out of school or have had a sporadic education. They have missed the key elements of the curriculum and generally have gaps in their core learning. Our core curriculum is adapted from the mainstream WHF curriculum and allows the children to move more quickly through the core elements of the curriculum in order for them to master the basic skills and key learning they have missed, so that they can be successful in school learning, their next stages and life.

An EQ curriculum is followed to support the children in their emotional development and covers the areas of: feeling safe, self-regulation, self-esteem and confidence, resilience, empathy and managing relationships.

Each class plans its own topic so that it can be tailored to the particular group and so promote a motivational environment for learning. It is based on the emotional quotient and the needs of the children and each topic lasts for a term.

Phonics & Reading Scheme

At Nyland Campus the Phonics systems we use to support the teaching of Phonics are Letters and Sounds.

We use a variety of reading books and systems to cover all the needs of our pupils.


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