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Being Ambitious for All

28 October 2020
Being Ambitious for All

Every young person at our school is capable of achieving great things in their education and in the wider world. However, it is up to us as educators, to provide the tailored support to help each child get there.

From our earliest years, right through our adult lives, we all face different hurdles and challenges that we need to overcome. At Nyland School, we understand that no matter the nature of the hurdles and challenges they face, it is our responsibility to be equally ambitious for the success of every child.

That’s why we have high expectations for every child, and a high level of available support to match. Through our values-based approach to education, we strive to create an atmosphere of learning where our pupils are confident that their application and attitude will be rewarded with high achievement and that they will receive support and additional guidance if they require it.

According to these principles, our excellent SEND support team works with children and their parents. We believe that for children with special educational needs or disabilities, it is important to help them maintain high standards for themselves rather than feeling that they should lower their ambitions.

That’s why, at Nyland School, we are committed to being ambitious for all.

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