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Celebrating The Magic of Maths

4 March 2020
Celebrating The Magic of Maths

Today is World Maths Day! The main aim of the annual event is to encourage people of all ages to have a go at developing their maths skills. Just 30 minutes of maths practice a day can greatly improve a child’s ability of understanding the subject.

You don’t have to be a statistician to calculate how frequently the world uses their math skills. Whether it’s working out how many sweets there’s left to eat or calculating out the days left until Christmas - children encounter how numbers work long before their academic journey begins.

At Nyland School, we recognise the importance of helping children to become confident with numeracy. Having a grasp of numeracy at an early age is essential for success in all aspects of learning. When pupils practice solving mathematical puzzles they are also learning skills that can be applied across the curriculum.

World Maths Day brings together number lovers from around the world and as a school we enjoy reflecting on the important role that numbers play.

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