School Dinners

At Nyland School, we understand just how important it is for young people to have a healthy and balanced diet. That is why our school dinner menu is filled with a variety of nutritious, high-quality meals. We cater for a variety of tastes, with a diverse range of options available every week, including vegetarian dishes.

If you require clarification of allergens in our Menus please email the Caterlink’s Area Manager: [email protected]


Useful Resources

Cool Milk

To register your child for milk, visit the Cool Milk website.

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

While cooked school meals are getting healthier, and have to conform to government guidelines, children taking packed lunch to school may not be getting the same nutritional benefits.

For some great ideas for a healthy lunchbox, visit the Netmums website.

The Eatwell Guide

Children who prefer to bring their own packed lunch should bring lunch in a named, sealed container. Children should also bring a drink to school, also in a named, appropriate container, not a can or glass bottle. The school requests that drinks not be fizzy.

Water will be available to drink at all times within the classroom and milk is available as an entitlement for Reception aged children. The school promotes children having a healthy snack of fruit or vegetables throughout the morning session.

Read more at the NHS Eatwell Guide website.