EQ Overview


At Nyland School we aim to build an ethos of emotional awareness and understanding, known as emotional quotient. This facilitates the outcome of nurturing valued and productive members of communities and society.

This is underpinned by creating an environment that promotes a feeling of belonging, of being connected to others and of 'relatedness'. Staff build and model secure, healthy relationships that pupils can learn from and recreate in their lives and beyond school. On this foundation, pupils can build their learning.

Both our academic and emotional curriculum are designed to support motivation, engagement and thinking in order to promote learning and progress.

We have 6 overarching EQ themes each term, through these, we explore the vocabulary, language and comprehension of emotional quotient. These overarching areas are linked to our values:

T1 - Feeling safe/ Trust

T2 - Resilience/ Ambition

T3 - Confidence/self-esteem/ Responsibility

T4 - Empathy/ Tolerance

T5 - Self-regulation/ Respect

T6 Managing relationships/ Friendship